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Moderators create projects that reflect the curiosities of the collective in various ways.


MANUAL WRITING online residency

Moderators: Guy & Maria

20.08 - ongoing

5 members gathered for a month in discussion.

In a time of taking direction(s) or challenging them, we gathered to put ourselves in the position of creating or responding to instruction(s) defined by our own terms. Initially inspired by the Dada Movement and works of Yoko Ono's "Grapefruit: A book of instructions + drawings".

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VIRTUAL LAB pilot online residency

Moderators: Andrea, Guy, Maria, Marloes, Natalia

03.05 - 14.06.2020

12 members gathered for

3 gatherings to have a start, check-in and end

3 vocal Sundays to be in dialogue

18 silent voluntary drop-ins every

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

sharing our private studios and spaces while

we work through our ideas alone together in

a time of change and uncertainty

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