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We are an Artist Collective focused on cultivating community by

connecting local artists, gallerists, curators and creative minds through

open dialogue, collaboration, skill-trade and exploration.

We meet monthly

to engage in conversation;

to encourage the form and practice of one another;

to exchange feedback, methods, resources, and strategies;

to enrich the community of ourselves and around us; and

to elevate individual and collective processes.

Frequently used collective words:

MODerator (organizer of a project or discussion)

MODule (a project being explored)

MODified (the outcome of discourse)


ongoing~ Round Table, ZOOM + Skype 

Moderator: Mihyun Maria Kim

Leipzig, DE 

Moderator: Andrea Garcia Vasquez 2020

Moderator: Mihyun Maria Kim 2019

Barcelona, Catalunya, ES 

Moderator: Sarah Goodchild Robb 2018

2017 co-Founders start collective, Barcelona, Catalunya, ES 

Sarah Goodchild Robb

Mihyun Maria Kim

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